Messer Hi-Def Plasma 8′ x 24′ with Hypertherm HPR 260XD


2012 Messer Metal Master Plus CNC Plasma Cutting System Model: MMPLUS8

Maximum Cutting Width                                          8’

Maximum Cutting Length                                         24’

Contouring Speed                                                     400 IPM
Positioning Speed                                                     1700 IPM

Positioning Accuracy                                                 +/- 0.200

Repeatability                                                             +/- 0.300

Messer Global PC Based Control

Color Touchscreen Control

Operator Console

Hypertherm HPR260XD Plasma Power Source

            1.5” Mild Steel Piercing

            2.5” Max Cutting Mild Steel

Dual Side Drive

Hypertherm Torch and Sensor Height Control

Hypertherm Auto Gas Console

Messer Self-cleaning Zoned Downdraft Table with Slag Trays

Table mounted vises for cutting tube and channel