Hyd Mech S20A Mitering Band Saw with Overhead Bundling


2010 Hyd-Mech S20A Mitering Horizontal Band Saw with Full Capacity Hydraulic Overhead Bundling (two vises, infeed only)

Cutting Capacities @ 90 Degrees                             13” x 18”

Cutting Capacities @ 45 Degrees                             13” x 10-3/4”

Blade Speed                                                               75 to 350 FPM

Blade Size                                                                  1” W x 14’10” L

Mitering                                                                      0-60 degrees

Table Height                                                               31”

Coolant                                                                       12 Gallons

VFD Main Motor                                                         5 HP

Approximate Weight                                                 4,000 lbs

Approximate Dimensions                                         93” x 86” x 52”

Full Capacity Hydraulic Overhead Bundling (two vises, infeed only)

Shuttle Feed

Mist and Flood Coolant

PLC Controller (100 Job Storage)

Variable Vise Pressure

Automatic and Manual Mode

Blade Tensioning and Guides

Powered Blade Brush

Roller Conveyor (5,000 lb workload)