Carell Initial Pinch Plate Rolls 3/16″ x 100″ Capacity




Carell 3/16″ x 100″ Capacity Initial Pinch Plate Rolls Model A316-25/5 made in Italy by Famar and manufactured in 2004 this set of rolls has been lightly used.

Rolling Capacity at full length            3/16” Mild Steel

Rolling Length                                    100”

Max Pinching Capacity                       0.196

Max Capacity                                      0.236

Roll Diameter                                      7.5”

Main Motor                                         10.5 HP

Electrical Requirements                       230/3/60

Approximate Dimensions                   132” L x 48” W x 60” H

Approximate Weight                           9,500 Lbs

Machine Features:

Motor Driven Top/Pinch Rolls

Roll Lock Position Scale

Pedestal Control Station

Emergency Stop/Safety Wire