Amada HG1303 Rm Robotic Bending Cell


HG1303 Rm Specifications


Maximum Tonnage         146 Tons

Bend Length                       3109mm

Open Height                       520mm

Stroke                                   250mm

Punch Holder                     Hydraulic (AFH)

Approach Speed               220mm/s

Bending Speed                  20mm/s

Ram Axis                              2 (D1, D2)

Back Gauge Axis               L1, L2, Y1, Y2, Z

Bending/Handling Robot:

Max. Handling Weight    80kg

Repeat Positioning          +/- 0.06mm (S-T Axis)

Axis Range/Speed           B Axis +/- 140 deg / 200 deg/s

R Axis +/- 200 deg / 200 deg/s

S Axis + 270/ -90 deg / 150 deg/s

T Axis +/- 360 deg / 200 deg/s

U Axis +255 deg / -160 deg / 170 deg/s

Traveling Axis                    6.4mm / 2.0 m/s

Grippers Vacuum             Hand (M.L) Comb. TG1530 IG7

Max. Part Size                    1250mm x 2500mm (49.2” X 98.4”)

Flat Loading Height          250mm

System Includes

HG1303 Extended Height Servo Hydraulic Press Brake

Bending Robot of 80kg Capacity

Panel Vacuum Hand H Type

Channel Combination Type Hand

Channel Vacuum Type Hand

Slide Vacuum Type Hand

Safety Fence with Interlocked doors

1 Load Position

2 Unload Locations

Re-gripping Channel Device Unit

2 x 2 Station Auto Gripper

X Gauge Device

Squaring Table Device