2019 Long Diao CNC Wood Router Model LD-5000



2019 Long Diao CNC Wood Router Model LD-5000 for processing acrylic panel and products, exhibition display, GRG and plastic sheet cutting; for machining materials including acrylic highlights processing, aluminum plate, copper plate, insulation board, hard wood, honeycomb panel, ABS board, PVC board, wood, organic plate. Allows for mini luminous wood, acrylic cutting, carving, chamfering, mirror effect.

Bed Size 51″ x 98.5″

Working area: X-51″ Y-98.5″ Z-7.87″

Spindle power: 6KW constant power spindle

Spindle speed: 0-24000 turn/min

Relocation accuracy: 0.05mm

Vacuum pump power: 7.5KW

Drive way: Servo motor drive

Integrated pressure suction platform

X, Y axis imported grinding rack transmission

Z-axis screw drive