2016 Faro Edge CMM, 9ft Arm, Polyworks Inspector Software



2016 Faro Edge 9ft Arm Portable CMM with Polyworks Inspector Platform

9 ft. Model, 7-Axis Adaptable 3D Measurement

Accuracy 0.0016 , Repeatability 0.0011

Built-in Touchscreen w/apps, Bluetooth, WiFi Connectivity

Smart Sensor and Rapid Scanning, Infinite Rotation Flexibility

Probe Head, Scanning Gun, Base Plate

Standard Probe Kit (3mm, 6mm)

High Definition Laser Line Probe (Blue Laser)

Laser Line Probe w/calibration kit

Faro hard cases for all components

Rechargeable Battery, All Cables Included

Polyworks Inspector Software on Dell Laptop

Universal 3D Metrology Platform

Node Locked License

Real-time Quality Meshing

CNC Point Cloud Digitizing