2014 Messer Platemaster CNC Oxy-Fuel Cutting System



2014 Messer PlateMaster II CNC Oxy-Fuel Cutting System Model: PMR-12-14

Current Cutting Width                                          10’

Current Cutting Length                                       24’

Capable of Cutting                                              12′ x 24′

Max Positioning Speed                                               1400 IPM

Max Contouring Speed                                               400 IPM

Positioning Accuracy                                                 +/- 0.200

Repeatability                                                             +/- 0.200

Messer PC Based Control (Beckoff Automation)

15″ Color Touchscreen Control

Dual Oxy Fuel Stations (independently programmable)

Oxy-Fuel stations with height sensing and ignition

Dual Side Drive

Automated gas control system

11′ x 24′ water table

Heavy Duty floor mounted rails and cable carriage