What America’s response to Covid-19 should be now.
As most States approach a 60 day lockdown, it is time for America to get back to work. Manufacturers, metal fabricators, machine shops and small businesses alike are the backbone of our economy, and without a healthy economy we cannot effectively fight Coronavirus or the next pandemic. With heightened awareness, hard work and ingenuity, we can re-open safely.
Before the current outbreak, if you held a job, ran a business, or made a payroll then you were an essential employee and an essential employer. You are still essential today. The people working toward the success of American industry each day are as well.
What some manufacturers and job shops are finding now is that not all their machinery, equipment and processes were necessary. This is where Equilibrium Machinery can help. We turn non-essential equipment into working capital, and right now selling surplus machinery may be a great way to raise money.
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If you know a nurse, doctor, or caregiver working in healthcare, thank them for their dedication and ongoing commitment to the patients they serve.

The Equilibrium Marketplace:
Specializing in used metal fabrication machinery, Equilibrium Machinery Marketers (EMM) facilitates the selling and buying of surplus machinery and equipment. EMM serves the broader metalworking industry including both manual and CNC chip making machinery as well as the material handling, stone, woodworking and plastics industries.

The Equilibrium Advantage:
Using a consultative approach with both the seller and buyer, EMM learns what is important to each individual and what makes each transaction unique. EMM cuts through the subjectivity of used machinery pricing and valuations and provides its customers solutions by combining over 20 years of sales and manufacturing consulting experience.

GREAT Values
175 ton x 12′ Accurpress
5/16″ x 8′ Double Pinch Plate Rolls with side and vertical assist
5/16″ x 8′ Double Pinch Plate Rolls with side and vertical assist
Hyd Mech S20 Band Saw with overhead bundling
Hyd Mech S20 Band Saw with overhead bundling
Haas Lathe TL3W Low Hours, new in 2012
Haas Lathe TL3W Low Hours, new in 2012
Amada 138 Ton x 10′ Press Brake
Amada 138 Ton x 10′ Press Brake
The Equilibrium Buyer:
Knowing what you should pay makes buying at Equilibrium easy. EMM finds you the right machinery and brings a full service approach of sales negotiation, removal, loading and delivery of your machinery. We work with you from your first inquiry until delivery and beyond. As a buyer, you can expect a savings below our competitor’s pricing and the purchase of quality machinery.
The Equilibrium Seller:
Knowing the value of your used machinery makes selling at Equilibrium easy. EMM works with you in setting price, marketing, sales negotiation, and removal and loading of your machinery; most importantly, EMM brings you buyers with cash offers. As a seller, you can expect a maximization of profits over our competitors and the timely sell of your surplus machinery.

The Equilibrium Outcome:
EMM makes the negotiation, sale, removal and delivery of machinery between the seller and buyer a seamless transaction. Providing the buyer with a lower than market price, while maximizing the seller’s profit is the goal of every transaction. EMM achieves such an outcome by balancing the demand of each individual buyer with the supply of the seller at a price advantageous to both.

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